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L’Expedition is…

Exceptional places steeped in history

Unique development and learning experiences

Diverse insights from PhDs in educational sciences, linguistics, neurosciences, etc.

Around the user experience, visual design, emotions management, community animation

Schéma L'Expédition English

L'Expedition proposes complete routes or specific interventions

Cognitive experiences: decision making, creativity, storytelling, emotional intelligence…

Theoretical and methodological insights: cognitive biases and nudges, motivational levers, interactions…

Learning community: conversations, sharing experiences, publications…

Knowledge management and sharing: stories, curiosity cabinets…

Preparation for L'Expedition

Interventions of our experts during conferences, seminars or board meetings. Access to our newsletters and discussion groups, invitation to our speaking engagements and conference cycles.

Customized Shipping

Design of intra-company learning experiences tailored to specific learning or transformation issues.

Turnkey Expedition

Inter-company learning experiences in the premises of SBT Human(s) Matter in Paris, Grenoble or Lyon. Annual calendar of events around key themes of Learning to Learn. Experiences eligible for the CPF.

The themes of the Turnkey Expedition

Winning commitment through storytelling

Giving meaning, connecting people and ideas, harnessing emotions, focusing attention & conveying a visual message: the power of storytelling in engaging and compliance employees, learners and the audience.

Expressing your creative potential

Immediate embarcation on an Expedition that explores the cognitive conditions and mechanisms underlying creativity.

Deciding in a Complex Universe

Discover the incredible power and potential of your brain by uncovering the cognitive levers that underlie our decision making.

Why we exist

« SBT Human(s) Matter has resolutely put the Human being at the center of all its actions. Deciding to put the Human being at the centre means identifying, developing and creating the potentialities that will enable him to get out of the deadlock in which we live today. Relying on us as individuals and as a group is to go beyond our own automatisms, to become aware of what the knowledge of our cognition can bring in benefits and hope. SBT Human(s) Matter thus affirms a humanistic raison d’être in which our vision of learning naturally fits.»

Olivier FRONTY
CEO – SBT Human(s) Matter

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