Our products

HappyNeuron and its derivative products are a platform of therapeutic software covering the entire speech and language path, from assessment to rehabilitation. HappyNeuron also offers cognitive and memory remediation programs – containing more than 200 stimulation games to promote brain plasticity – dedicated to medical and social actors.

TWIN CORP is the first international solution (in 8 languages) for remote coaching to enhance employees’ efficiency in work situations. It guarantees the contribution of qualified senior coaches and a flexible set-up via a multi-support digital tool.

Arnava by SBT Human(s) Matter - produit conçu aux grâce aux sciences cognitives et au digital

ArnavA is an assessment center providing a standardized protocol for employees’ skills and potential evaluations With more than 40,000 assessments, our tools and our experts offer an objective and caring cross-examination to reveal talents and establish development paths.

WeSuccess is the first digital platform for professional co-development. It enables experience sharing, social learning and problem solving at a distance.

GoodWheel is an evaluation platform that reveals cognitive potentials. It brings together all our playful and immersive solutions for selection, orientation and development. It integrates several of our cognitive products such as Pepco, Misivias…

AnthropoviZ reveals the real interactions that drive organizations. It is the combination of a philosophy, a mobile application and a scientific methodology. Through the app, everyone notes observations, identifying constraints or facilities. The cross-referencing of the observations allows development needs to emerge and a better understanding of how organizations live, adapt and transform.

Comportements cyber - Sensibiliser et former avec notre formation SSI - Logo

For administrators and privileged accounts, the SSI training is a complete digital course that certifies with several Vitally Important Organisations. Composed of 12 episodes, it gives the keys to understand the issues of cybersecurity by preparing for the right conditions to maintain security, detecting and managing risky situations and reacting in case of a cyber attack.

Innovation et sciences - Petit Prof Projet incubé et développé par SBT Human(s) Matter

Petit Prof is an educational application that allows primary school children to learn by playing the teacher. The child questions his pupils, rewards them, creates controls and also looks after his classroom.

Smart Scheduling Analyzer is one of our products for analyzing customer traffic in a retail network. It proposes organizational scenarios to optimize sales performance.

R U DIGITAL is an online test to evaluate and certify your digital skills on 8 business themes. It is a real tool to help companies to better respond to the challenges of the digital transformation. It complements our digital training products.