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How do you continuously train a network of 16,000 internal and external sales representatives in 57 countries in the technical knowledge of a dermatological laboratory’s products?

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The contexte

From 2014, Bioderma laboratory must face the challenge of sustaining its global growth in an ultra-competitive market. The commercial challenge is rapidly becoming an educational one, in order to disseminate the dermatological laboratory’s technical knowledge to its network of internal and external distributors and sales outlets in 57 countries.

Beyond its capacity to reach 16,000 users worldwide, Bioderma wanted to offer local trainers a tool that would enable them to adapt the training content to local contexts.

The idea

Based on strong gaming levers, we have designed a complete learning environment that is tailor-made and ultra-playful.

Bioderma Park is a digital campus containing quizzes, games, e-learning modules, virtual classes… constituting individualized courses adapted to local contexts.

Local trainers manage their local cohorts by adapting, creating and distributing educational content in the form of campaigns.

The solution

Bioderma Park is a SaaS platform animating local communities of sales representatives and resellers around educational content and experiences related to dermatological laboratory products technical knowledge.

Local trainers adapt the content to their specific contexts and have access to personalised reporting.

The platform reproduces an ultra-gamified environment reminiscent of an amusement park universe and hosts a wide variety of educational content (interactive videos and pdf, quizzes, scorm modules, etc.). The local communities are animated by educational campaigns giving rise to challenges, rankings, awards and certifications.The platform is also connected to our Serious Game Session tool which allows to conduct, face-to-face, participative and playful educational experiences.

In figures

16.000 users – 57 countries 

Bioderma Park is in constant evolution with about ten new releases per year and is gradually extending to other brands of NAOS group. We are constantly experimenting with new functionalities, particularly the integration of face-to-face and remote experiences via our Serious Game Sessions.

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