BNP Cyberchallenge

How can we link humour, cybersecurity and competition using our expertise in educational engineering to foster commitment to cybersecurity best practices?

Cyberchallenge : La formation au service de sécurité informatique - BNP Paribas x SBT Human(s) Matter

The contexte

Every year, during Cyber Security Month, BNP Paribas offers its employees events to raise awareness of good cyber practices. More than 80% of French companies face at least one cyber attack during the year, and cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, particularly in the banking sector. Moreover, the human factor is a determining factor in defence and protection actions against cyber attacks. Aware of this, BNP Paribas has sought to make a lasting impression and promote responsible behaviour.

The idea

Playing on an offbeat and humorous pedagogical program, we have worked on a surprise effect that awakens the attention of participants to the dangers of certain practices and facilitates the anchoring of responsible behaviors… Thanks to a proactive approach, it is up to employees to identify these practices by consulting all the resources at their disposal and try to win a place on the podium by answering the contest questions.

The solution

This is the second consecutive year that BNP Paribas has worked with SBT Human(s) Matter on their IT security awareness programme. The first season was hosted for 4 weeks by SCS, an offbeat superhero that users had to guide to avoid the traps set by hackers.
During a 4-month campaign in 2019, we created a challenge mixing digital resources (videos, fact sheets, quizzes, etc.) and competition. We proposed 4 humorous stories, featuring ubuesque situations, such as the “cyber-award” that rewards the biggest financial losses linked to risky actions against cyber attacks.

« The craze for this season has been such that some people are getting organised to hack the answers to the quizzes, and that’s a bit of a ransom for success! »

Rodolphe OLLIVIER, Associate director at SBT Human(s) Matter

The editorial strategy is established from the analysis of the attacks suffered so as to resonate with the situations experienced by the collaborators. All educational content is offered in four languages: French, English, Italian and Dutch. At the end of the campaign, a game-based quiz validates what has been learned.

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Rodolphe Ollivier Equipe SBT Human(s) Matter - Formation SSI comportements cyber cyberchallenge