Distance assessment

How to increase the richness and impact of a managerial potential assessment system ?

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The context

Assessments are still mainly carried out face-to-face. The economic stakes, environmental awareness, and the constraints imposed by current health issues are today reinforcing the interest for an online alternative. Based on digital tools, remote assessment transforms the assessment experience for employees and assessors and creates new opportunities.

The idea

By dematerialising the assessment experience, we are anchoring it in everyday professional use. Today, we work from home, we hold our meetings via videoconferencing, we manage teams located around the world, and we use diverse resources across multiple channels. What’s more, we are increasing the number of cross-functional projects.

Taking place in the participant’s familiar environment, remote assessment promotes more authentic behaviour and thus a more faithful evaluation of one’s potential

The solution

We have designed an ecosystem of web solutions to implement remote assessments merging face-to-face and digital. A specifically developed web interface guides participants step by step through the process. Open and agile videoconferencing tools make our solution compatible with all systems.

Collective assessments are also possible thanks to our collaborative platform WeSuccess. Our team is present to integrate participant’s constraints and is ready to guide them serenely through each step of the assessment process.

the distance allows us to successfully maintain our HR activities in times of high pressure, such as Covid-19 health crisis.

The sequential device is generally based on 3 to 6 steps of less than 2 hours, facilitating its planning in individual agendas :
      • Objective of the device and individual goals
      • Online tests and questionnaires
      • Collective or interactive case
      • Role-plays
      • In-depth discussions
      • Restitution and projection
This remote format also offers the possibility of sequencing the experience. The assessment can be carried out over several steps, encouraging the participant to take a step back, to become aware of his or her own progress and to start working on it.

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