Le Sens

How to redefine the corporate story of a luxury house by drawing on the intrinsic motivations of each employee?

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The contexte

Growth, creativity, sense of belonging, notoriety but yet little commitment.
This luxury house makes many people dream, the House’s customers for the refinement of its products, as well as most of the jewellery craftsmen. However, a barometer of commitment revealed a feeling of lack of perspective on the part of employees: they say they are very attached to the House but not very fulfilled and lack vision about their development possibilities. Wishing to change the situation and breathe new life into the organization, the management committee decided to launch a process redefining the company’s project.

The idea

Capitalising on the strong sense of belonging, we design a participative approach that brings out the company’s project from the intrinsic motivations of each employee. Supported by a reinforced managerial line, voluntary local relays and a semantic analysis technology (Dialoog.fr), this consultation process results in the production of a collective storyline, forming the foundation of the company’s project.

The solution

The process of redefining the business project was divided into three stages.

In the first stage, our approach focuses on the creation of managerial conditions that allow the expression of the individual motivations of our employees. We therefore offer the 200 managers the opportunity to take part, on a voluntary basis, to discussion and experience-sharing forums around three themes: Communication, Personal Development and Organizational Agility. These exchanges are posted without filtering or rewriting on a blog open to the entire managerial community, in order to raise awareness and facilitate the installation of a common managerial culture.

At the end of these 3 cycles, the entire management community meets to share the progress made, to promote local initiatives and to reaffirm their intentions.Wanting to make it a memorable experience, particularly through the use of storytelling, we conceive the event as a production and a shooting for a TV show. A crucial moment in the process, which reinforced the managerial line in its responsibility towards the organisation.

« These days were a demonstration of our ability to talk to each other and our willingness to understand each other regardless of the site, the team, the job. This reveals the strength of our collective. »

A participant in the project Le Sens 

As a third step, we open the consultation to all employees, again on a voluntary basis. Organised by local shifts, it now focuses on the motivations of each individual. Through round-table discussions, speed dating and online questionnaires, employees bring out the key points of the company’s project and its purpose. These contributions are then published in a book that describes the entire process and highlights aspirations and challenges of this organization.

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