How to leverage knowledge and experience sharing in global retail networks to drive up employee engagement and store performance?

The context

Retail is transforming at a fast pace. Ultra-connected customers are expecting personalized interactions with brands, while retailers are redesigning stores to deliver memorable experiences, key to engagement and loyalty. 

Caught in this transformation are store employees, instrumental to brand strategy activation and customer satisfaction. Under pressure to meet both brands and customer’s rising expectations, they see their job content and ways of working drastically change.

But without the right tools and help, employees may feel powerless, isolated … in a word, disengaged with catastrophic direct consequences on customer experience and store operations.

The idea

From this observation, SBT Human(s) Matter and Clientela, an innovative drive-to-store and clienteling solution provider, partnered to design a unique solution, fully employee-centric, to deliver and circulate knowledge within networks of store employees in order to help them perform efficiently and positively their day-to-day job.

The solution, named POOL, leverages SBT Human(s) Matter cognitive design and Clientela knowhow in employee-centric interfaces for retail innovation, and activates two key drivers of employee engagement: the sense of agency and the sense of belonging.

The sense of agency enables employees to fully control their experience, by becoming proactive and taking responsibility for their actions within the team.

The sense of belonging takes it roots in one’s connection with like-minded people around shared values, and in the feeling to contribute to a greater purpose.

The solution

POOL gathers in one unique and adaptable interface all the functionalities frontline employees need to perform efficiently their day-to-day job: 

Core functions such as CRM, calendar, KPI tracking, communication 

Schedule management


Learning and knowledge management system

“Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals”

Additionally, POOL orchestrates efficient communication and strengthens sense of belonging by building a community feed, where employees can initiate or reply to call for helps, share stories and knowledge. Through personalized feeds, employees can access specific community knowledge at the right moment, and conversely share their relevant expertise with the members who need it.

Finally, POOL is an agile platform built on a modular architecture allowing it to be integrated with existing enterprise systems such as CMS, LMS, HRIS and providing new insights and actionable levers on employee experience and engagement.

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