Selection of Air France cadets

How can we offer an innovative and robust selection experience to all candidates in a zero-risk school?

Projet Air France x SBT Human(s) Matter - Réinventer et imaginer le processus de sélection avec un prédicteur de performance digital utilisant des tests cognitifs.

The contexte

For 10 years, Air France had not carried out a recruitment session for its Cadets promotion (i.e. student pilots). Previously, pre-selection tests were held in major examination centres in Paris region, with the campaign lasting several days. The organisation, coordination and operation for several thousand candidates each year were very costly, both logistically and financially, and in human terms.

The idea

By integrating the complete digitization of the pre-selection process from the candidate’s home, we have created a better predictor of performance through cognitive tests devised by our researchers and designers. With full implementation agility, our solution also aims to be accessible to all candidates with no location or time zone constraints, increasing equality of opportunity.

The solution

Inspired by our cognitive assessments from the world of healthcare, we have developed specific tests to detect the potential for exceptional abilities required by this risky business. This tailor-made device, based on exclusive Goodwheel technologies, brings together tests of logical reasoning, mental imagery, cognitive flexibility, attention span and working memory. Combined with tests of general aeronautical culture and English designed by the Air France Selection teams, the assessment process lasts an average of 1h30.

This program integrates both the scientific robustness required by Air France (air transport belongs to the “ultra-safe environment” industries which aim for zero risk) and also the indispensable technical robustness: simultaneous volumetry and connection control, software compatible with any system, hosting on a dedicated platform, management and detection of potential cheating, specific and parallel data sets, etc…

« Great software! Thank you Air France for letting me try my luck! 🙂 »

Candidate for Air France Cadets

The digitalization of the course has thus allowed for greater agility in its implementation (3 weeks compared to several months in the past), and greater equality of opportunity: candidates can now take the competition from their homes anywhere in the world during a 36-hour slot. For each selection campaign, several thousand tests are carried out across 21 time zones, with a support team available 24 hours a day.

In addition to the satisfaction of Air France, which has strengthened its employer brand, notably thanks to the test’s buzz on social networks, we have received more than 760 positive comments from participants. 

Following this success, Air France once again called on SBT Human(s) Matter to orchestrate and design its selection process for professional pilots (airline pilots working for other airlines).

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