The Achievers

How to support the energy transition process of an industrial leader through managers’ personal development and the creation of a self-learning community?

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The contexte

The world leader in design and production of high-tech batteries, Saft has belonged to Total Group since 2016. Today, batteries play a key role in energy transition. That’s why Saft aims to develop new ecological solutions and reduce its carbon footprint. In this global organization, based on 4 divisions and with a strong engineering culture, the human resources department seeks to develop cross-functionality and support the personal development of certain high-potential managers.

The idea

Building on the plurality of SBT Human(s) Matter’s offer, we have co-designed with the Human Resources department, a development program, The Achievers, consisting of a collective and an individual component. The goal of this program is to develop high-potential profiles in all LFAA divisions with a view to creating a community that serves both participants and the company. We have therefore created a managerial development path combining experimentation, innovation and evaluation while ensuring medium-term follow-up.

The solution

The collective component divides participants into two teams around issues that are important to the company, such as customer satisfaction, solution patenting, digitalization and continuous improvement.
During two working sessions over six months, which precede a major oral presentation to the full Management Committee, teams meet and make progress on issues assigned to them.

Using methods derived from Design Thinking, each team identifies their topics’ key users, and conducts research both internally and externally to identify their main needs. First prototypes of solutions are quickly created and pitched in the presence of few members of the Management Committee and the other team. The immediate feedback from people outside the team allows a quick turnover and proposal improvement.

The individual component consists of an assessment – Arnava by SBT – and distance coaching – Twin Corp by SBT – to enable each participant to get to know each other better and implement a development path.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact:

Vincent Riboulet

Associate Director

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