Therapeutic cognitive training

How to deploy cognitive therapeutic training software in nursing home for elderly dependants?

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The contexte

In 2016, Korian Group, Europe’s leading provider of nursing homes for senior citizens, is committed to the Positive Care program. This ambitious program implements personalized non-drug therapies for each resident in all their establishments. These therapies include cognitive, functional and behavioural therapies. The aim is to offer each resident a global and empathetic approach adapted to their specific needs and contexts.

The idea

Capitalizing on a first deployment of HappyNeuron in some Korian establishments with software solutions deployed on a case-by-case basis, SBT Human(s) Matter teams have co-designed with Korian a customised digital platform for cognitive training with sequencing of activities according to the residents’ preserved cognitive capacities such as memory, attention, language, etc…

The solution

Based on the HappyNeuron Pro platform, the solution developed for Korian is a multi-module program with a pilot phase for 21 beta testers. These modules are intended for business experts: mainly psychologists, neuropsychologists and some paramedics. 

For each accompanied resident, the therapist can fill in a profile creating an exercise orientation for his therapeutic session and the possibility to follow his evolution throughout the therapy.

The introduction of software for cognitive stimulation has been a subject of transformation in the use of digital technology that has had to be accompanied. Training was therefore offered to business experts in order to facilitate the handling and optimization of solutions. They were first of all led by the HappyNeuron team, who meets 450 experts throughout France. Then in 2018, after a joint project with Korian group’s Medical and Senior Care Department, the model evolves towards a webinar bringing a match between the profiles of residents to be supported and the use of the software.

« With SBT Human(s) Matter, we have established a strong partnership in favour of innovation committed to the health of seniors. »

National Coordinator of Korian group

In addition, in 2018, Korian will request the internal hosting of the health data produced by the platform. We then set up a hosting infrastructure and migrate the data to their servers with the group’s IT support department. In this way, we guarantee the protection and management of the data by the client, in agreement with the GDPR.

The training and partnership will continue in 2020 in order to further anchor the use of the tool by professionals in the establishment and thus strengthen the cognitive capacities of the residents welcomed in Korian homes on a daily basis.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact:

Julien MOLY

Business Manager HappyNeuron

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