How to use mental agility to engage automotive industry employees and anchor their motivations in an innovation strategy?

TransfoBox : Axa x SBT Human(s) Matter 5 - une application qui met l’agilité mentale au service de l’engagement des collaborateurs.

The context

When an entire industry has to reinvent itself, all of its players go through periods of profound questioning. Rather than trying to escape this challenge, Faurecia is fully committed to an ambitious innovation strategy supported by major efforts to support its employees. Faurecia University is spearheading this strategy and is constantly looking for innovative ways to accelerate the company’s transformation.

The idea

Based on the fact that most decisions and actions at Faurecia are made according to usual, pre-established patterns, we are focusing on the design of a device to facilitate the mental switchover between System 1 and System 2. These two systems, highlighted by Daniel Kahnemann, structure our thinking and decision-making according to distinct characteristics. Mental agility can be defined as the ability to quickly switch from one system to the other depending on the nature of the situation being experienced.

The challenge for Faurecia is therefore to train employees in developing their mental agility and thereby enhance their ability to adapt and innovate in a fast-changing environment.

The solution

The collaboration between SBT Human(s) Matter and Faurecia has generated a complete device for transformation through mental agility development. Individual and collective, digital and physical, this hybrid program called TransfoBox provides mental switching experiences adapted to each situation.

« Aware that our industrial transformation would require in-depth work on mental models, we chose SBT Human(s) Matter to help us design an innovative device based on their expertise in cognitive design. »

Armelle SAVIDAN, Head of Leadership Programs at Faurecia University

There are three construction sections. First, it begins with knowledge dissemination on thinking systems and decision making in micro-learning capsules. Then comes collective intelligence rituals based on problem solving and decision making. Finally, this programme is based on design and development of cognitive training application facilitating mental shifts in situation, as well as impact assessment of these shifts on individuals.

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