How can teams be sustainably involved in the creation of new forms of interaction linked to the arrival of a new technology?

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The contexte

More than 15,000 people currently work in Disneyland Paris parks to run attractions, restaurants, shops, hotels, etc. Due to the park’s changing activity, planning is a strategic issue to ensure the best customer service while optimizing costs.

Disneyland’s management has chosen to automate part of this planning by customizing a well-known tool on the market and connecting it to artificial intelligence. The objective is to focus the planning teams’ job on anticipating needs, optimizing and advising the field teams.

The idea

By deliberately choosing to focus attention of all stakeholders on human aspects of this change, we have built a support programme for all planning and field management teams in order to develop transversality and cross-fertilize views and experiences.

The aim of the programme is to bring the participants together to share their views, thoughts, fears and hopes in order to lay the foundations for new cooperation that will enable them to appropriate the new technology.

The solution

Co-constructing with teams, a program that meets 4 major elements: Verbalising the meaning of this transformation (which is beyond the arrival of a new tool an organisational transformation and an evolution of practices and interactions), understanding the evolution of each person’s role, projecting oneself into new interactions while sharing new mutual needs and finally promoting the new model.
This co-construction work was carried out within the framework of workshops mixing directors from Disneyland Paris and several profiles from SBT Human(s) Matter (Psychologist, Educational Engineers, graphic designers, neuroscience researchers, consultants and facilitators). These workshops make it possible to respond precisely to the issues expressed and to reinforce the interest of the participants in the proposed course without having to multiply the round trips between internal expertise and clients. The support programmes developed were then broken down into more than 120 half-day workshops for all planning and management teams in the field. In other words, more than 600 people were hired in one month.
« I was expecting training, but in the end this time of sharing made me realize that I wasn’t the only one asking myself these questions and that we all have a part of the answer. I believe in it! And it makes me want to trust and help my various interlocutors even more. »

WeConnect participant

In order to encourage the long-term commitment of our teams and capitalisation on developments, we have created a space for sharing on the company’s internal social network where everyone is encouraged to share their new experiences, ask questions and answer their colleagues’ questions.

Six months later, this programme is supplemented by joint sharing sessions based on new experiences and the mutual search for solutions in order to anchor new working practices between teams in a lasting way.

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