Science & Innovation

« We invest almost 10% of our turnover to innovation. »

Our R&D projects explore the contributions of cognitive and digital sciences and aim to create new high-potential businesses. These projects are developed within Brain Tech, our start up studio, which we also make available to our clients.

As far as our research work is concerned, it combines different disciplines and is carried out in close collaboration with academic research laboratories, either as part of CIFRE theses, or as part of major projects (ANR, FUI, PSPC) which form the basis of our future products.

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The SBT Human(s) Matter theses


By Valentine Facque
Feeling tired? It’s all in your head! If I asked you on a scale of 0 to 10 how tired you are, knowing that 0 represents extreme fatigue, which number would you choose?

Collective flow

By Milija Šimleša
Flow is a mental state of hyper-concentration and well-being that can be felt in many activities of daily life: play, sport, artistic activities…

Management of Cognitive Impairment in Healthy Elderly and MCI

By Samar Dimachki
What are the advantages of computerized remote stimulation for cognitive and emotional benefits?

The influence
of digital technology
on our cognition

By Jérémy Virgo
Is it a source of dumbing down by diminishing cognitive abilities or is it an inexhaustible source of instantaneous knowledge aimed at becoming smarter?

The effects of stress and anxiety on cognition

By Adrien Tedesco
How do stress and anxiety impact memory performance and attentional processes? Is it possible to implement non-declarative measures of emotional vulnerability to stress?

Scientific & ethical council

In order to support and guide our research and development strategy in compliance with ethical rules, we are supported by a multidisciplinary scientific and ethical committee made up of leading personalities.

Bernard Croisile Membre Conseil scientifique et innovation SBT Human(s) Matter

Bernard Croisile

President of the Scientific Council, neurologist, doctor in neuropsychology

Jacques Fradin Membre Conseil scientifique et innovation SBT Human(s) Matter

Jacques Fradin

Doctor, founder of the Institute of Environmental Medicine, initiator of the Neurocognitive and Behavioural Approach.

Celine Robardet Membre Conseil scientifique et innovation SBT Human(s) Matter

Céline Robardet

University professor at INSA, in charge of the DM2L team at the LIRIS laboratory.

Nicolas Franck Membre Conseil scientifique et innovation SBT Human(s) Matter

Nicolas Franck

University professor, hospital practitioner at the University Hospital of Lyon (CHU)

Sciences et innovations : Conseil scientifique & éthique - Sylvie Pesty

Sylvie Pesty

University Professor at the UGA Affective Computing at the LIG

Guillaume Soenen Membre Conseil scientifique et innovation de SBT Human(s) Matter

Guillaume Soenen

Professor of management at EM Lyon Business School