Who are we?

« SBT Human(s) Matter is…

…a unique combination of skills and professions. »

SBT Human(s) Matter has been active for over 20 years at the heart of the strategic consulting, training, coaching, management and health prevention businesses. SBT Human(s) Matter brings together more than 100 people and more than 20 different areas of expertise.

Our multidisciplinary approach produces unique responses that meet our clients’ expectations as closely as possible.

Some faces

During one of our events, exhibitions or conferences, you have surely already met them…

Olivier Fronty

Gilles Mounissens

Sandrine Bélier

Jonathan Kraemer

Riadh Lebib

Vincent Riboulet

Sébastien Allain

Nathalie Hoang

Didier Ghenassia

Sophie Foriel

Franck Tarpin-Bernard

Yannick Vitzikam

Édouard Blanchard

Rodolphe Ollivier

Gwenda-Ella Exartier

Cédric Ohanessian

Wilfrid Legendre

Alexandre Beaussier

Anne-Claire Viemont

Éric Alonso

Vincent Reibell

Gabrielle Halpern

The diversity of our business sectors and the expertise they require can be explained by the history of SBT Human(s) Matter. Twenty years ago, our company began its specialization in cognitive sciences with the cognitive remediation of age-related pathologies. Very quickly, the potential of cognitive sciences became obvious, especially for the professional world. SBT Human(s) Matter then enriched itself with pedagogical engineering and learning methodologies, assessment, behavioural sciences, consulting, coaching, philosophy… With a vision: to put cognitive sciences at the service of human fulfilment both on a professional and personal level. 

In order to carry out this datavisualisation, we have listed all skills from the different professions and backgrounds of each collaborator. 

Our team then had to determine, according to each of their skills, with which other skills they interacted. Each skill was linked or not to one or more other areas of expertise. We were thus able to highlight the interactions between our collaborators and our expertises and also between our skills themselves.